The most unusual and riveting story! This will be a book series I can read many times to come. All its complexities will make it fresh each go-round. 

Get this series and settle in for the ride of your life—Amazon Reviewer


Mission Impossible meets MacGyver meets CSI.


As the prototype of Combat Doctor Project, Calista St. James has been called many things: a prodigy, a wild card…and a time bomb.

Stripped of her medical license after a catastrophic incident, she’s taken her surgical and black ops training underground, creating an “extralegal” operation to treat those the system won’t, and to punish those it can’t.

Now the organization that tried to destroy her needs her. Only she and her team can retrieve their hostage operatives from behind enemy lines. And among those is Jacob Constantine, the fiancé she’s long thought dead.

Forced to team up with her former mentor and now fiercest nemesis, counterterrorism agent Damian De Luna—who’d rather partner with the devil—they embark on a mission into the most conflicted regions of the Russian Federation. A mission the most optimistic call impossible. And that’s before she learns the full, horrific scope of what’s at stake.

Now the fates of their combined teams, the hostages, and probably millions rest on her skills and decisions.

No pressure.

               LETHAL CURE


Mission Impossible meets MacGyver meets CSI.

After the Russian mission turned Calista's world inside out, she's back home trying to pick up the shattered pieces, and get back to normal. Normal being her extralegal medical vigilante lifestyle with her team.

But after barely surviving another perilous rescue, disaster strikes again. Out of the blue, her right hand suddenly develops a mysterious condition that first turns him into a raving lunatic, followed by plunging him into a coma.

As she desperately attempts to control his catastrophic deterioration, the situation gets even more nightmarish as, one by one, her team fall prey to the inexplicable and explosive malady.

Left standing alone, and going out of her mind with the need to save them, she is forced to join forces again with Damian De Luna, her former mentor and nemesis, and, according to him, her current lover. A man she has total faith in—but doesn't trust an inch.

As their investigation twists and turns, it takes them to the jungles of Colombia where her fallen teammates could have been infected, under the cover of an aid mission to internally displaced populations. Once there, the discoveries come fast and deadly...and world shaking.

What started as a personal mission turns out to be just the tip of an insidious conspiracy on a global scale, and only Calista and Damian can stop it—and literally the end of the world as we know it.

That is, if they survive long enough...



Mission Impossible meets MacGyver meets CSI

What do you do after you stop a global conspiracy, and destroy an apocalyptic weapon?

You die, of course.

Now Calista St. James and Damian De Luna are dead, the suburban couple they're reincarnated as, is a deep cover necessary for survival. They've pissed off some very dangerous people when they destroyed their multi-billion plans, after all.

But Damian insists their cover will fail, that if they don't strike first, it will be all over. Calista, still mired in rehabilitating her devastated friends, refuses, and the confrontation ends with Damian walking away. This time, for good.

Soon, their enemies start sending them dead loved ones as calling cards. They want the doomsday weapon—or everyone Calista and her team has ever known will die.

Now Damian has proved right, Calista knows
she can't eliminate any, let alone all of their powerful enemies without devastating repercussions. For that, she needs her assassin's and surgeon's sides working together like never before. 

But for her plan to work, she must have Damian by her side, orchestrating their lethal reaction together.

She really must find that man. And then they need to survive long enough for her to perform her life's deadliest surgery. And this time, for their loved ones to live, for the whole world to survive devastation, all her "patient's" must die...

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